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1. Up to 8 colors(including background color) for custom woven logo or message
2.  Edge: with heat cutting; sonic laser or overlock.
3.  Made from strong and tough polyester
4.  woven serial no. or laser serial no.
5.  Closures can be any pantone color
  • Woven wristband security
    Highest level of Security and protection against replication or copying
    Against Replication:
    It is virtually impossible to replicate a Woven Wristband. Unlike other wristbands that are simply printed onto, woven wristbands are weaved on large highly specialised machine.
    Against Re-application: Woven Wristbands are attached onto the arm using an aluminium tube which is crimped with a special tool only available , once fitted they cannot be removed.

    • Woven wristbands
      Tool for crimpping the aluminium tule:
       crimper tool Acrimper tool B

    • Closure options for woven wristbands
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