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Wristbands used for safety measures


The city of Winston-Salem yesterday announced new safety rules and procedures for the city’s eight pools. Ja’Nae McCullum, a 6 year old, died on June 26 while she was on a day out with the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club. Her family said that she did not know how to swim. Her death is the third at a city pool in recent years. Police enquired that there were 2 adults from boys and girls club supervising 21 children before she drown. To avoid any more incidents Safety measure has been implied for swimming as follows:

New rules, one adult required for every 10 children in the water and if in Groups they are required to have at least two adults for every 10 children, so that the ratio is always maintained.

New pool rules

■ Red wristbands recognize children at an age of 5 and younger. Children wearing red wristbands are banned from the big pools.

■ Yellow wristbands recognize weak swimmers. Children wearing a yellow wristband will be permitted to play in the shallow areas, which are 3 feet deep.

■ Green wristbands recognize the swimmers. Children wearing a green wristband may swim anywhere in a pool and can use the diving boards.

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