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     Emergency workers who tended injured victims at the chaotic scene of a school bus crash have proposed that children on field trips wear wristbands with identifying information. School officials in Michigan and northwest Ohio said that sounds like a good idea. 
     At least 48 children and adults were injured Oct. 10 when the bus collided with a tractor-trailer loaded with 38 tons of steel coils in Erie Twp., Mich., about 10 miles north of Toledo. 
    But firefighters and paramedics had only a list of children on the bus, and there weren‘t enough uninjured adults to accompany each child to a hospital. 
 ‘‘We didn‘t know who they were or where they went,’’ said Larry Merkle, chief of the Monroe Charter Twp. Fire Department. ‘‘It was just a mess.’’ 
     So the department‘s fire inspector, Lt. Calvin Schmitt, presented the wristband idea last week to superintendents of Monroe County‘s 10 school districts. 
    School officials will discuss the wristband idea further.
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